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Our church is glad to have you visiting our website, and would be pleased to have you visit our church in 2020.

49 Years of Ministry in Central Point
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Pastor Ed Willis

Senior Pastor

Pastor Howard Glosser

Assistant Pastor

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Our church is glad to have you visiting our website, and would be pleased to have you visit our church in 2020.

We have been ministering to individuals and families in the Southern Oregon area for almost 50 years and seek to reach each person in our Church by providing solid Biblical teaching that makes clear what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and then to grow in His grace and knowledge.

We have ministries for the men and women in the Church, as well as an active Youth Ministry where we strive to instill in each youth what it means to walk with the Lord in the light of His Word.

Our vision for 2020 is Spiritual Healing.


Know God Individually

Experience God Corporately

Glorify God Globally


To Glorify Jesus Christ in Jackson County through passionate and consistent prayer, sound Biblical teaching, and loving community engagement.

To uphold Jesus Christ by becoming Jackson County’s center for human wellness.

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Deacons: Roy J. Bates, Ron Walch, Roy A. Bates, Pete Slade

Church Clerk: Bobbie Cramer

Financial Secretary/Treasurer: Howard Glosser

Historian: Karen Gordon

Prayer Chain: Colleen Mundt

Trustee Ministry: Terry Bartlett, Sarah Bartlett, Craig Gordon, Gary Pence

Christian Education Ministry: Roy A. Bates, Kathi McGowan, Melanie Glosser, Colleen Mundt, James Hibbs

Hospitality Ministry: Nicole Morley, Sarah Bartlett, Amanda Sill, Marianne Catlett, Judy Coleman,Ida Manuel, Patricia Smith, Kim Pence, James Hibbs, Connor Willis, Thomas Willis

Missions & Military Ministry: Colleen Mundt, Danielle Hvall, Ron Walch, Pete Slade, Bill Shelton

Music Ministry: Roy J. Bates, Roy A. Bates, James Hibbs, Karen Maentz, Annette Biliveau, Kerry Blackburn, Judy Walch, Cross Tracks, Rachel Rustad, Mike Sullivan, Annita Wheeler, Thomas Willis, Connor Willis, Ed Willis, Leanne Willis

Audio/Video Ministry: James Hibbs, Craig Gordon, Isaac Manuel, Pono Manuel, Samantha Manuel, Rachel Rustad,

Webmaster: James Hibbs, Howard Glosser

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